A Refuge Update

There have been two recent cases of animal hoarding in the Chicago area involving birds, and the Refuge has stepped in to help in the case from McHenry County.  An good update can be found on Dr. Sakas’ blog through Niles Animal Hospital.  Some of the birds are still in quarantine, but I met four of them earlier this week.  They are relatively young and except perhaps Rose are not comfortable being handled.  They are unsteady on their feet, because their flight feathers were clipped very early.  However, they will grow steadier as they gain some confidence and the feathers grow back.  Here are some pictures:


This is Mae, a female Eclectus parrot, and her boyfriend Solomon.


This is Gabe, a Congo African Grey parrot.  He already does a lot of climbing around his cage, so I am sure that in time, he will be quite the acrobat.


And this is Rose.  I believe her species is called Rose Breasted Cockatoo.  She is the cheekiest of them all and has warmed up to several volunteers already.

Several smaller birds are still in quarantine, pending test results, but I will be happy to post when I meet them.  If you are interested in adopting from the Refuge, you can find an adoption application at the website.

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