Blankets 74 – 82

The big bi-monthly Blanket Day for my chapter of Project Linus is next weekend, and I have these in the washing machine right now:

You can’t see it very well, but there are pieces of Winnie the Pooh fleece embroidered onto the blue one of the left.  Edged in Caron White yarn.  The green one has dinosaurs and is edged in Red Heart yarn in Aran.  Next is Tigger, edged in a buttery yellow that I think is the house yarn at Michaels’.  Last is a teddy bear fleece edged in Caron White.

In the center is a panel from The Princess and the Frog drawn by Kincade.  It was on clearance somewhere and I bought the rest of the bolt for Project Linus.  Miss Marge, who prepped them, saved one for me.  Edged in Caron White.  To the left you can, of course, see a Batman fleece.  Edged in Caron Black yarn.  On the far left is a blue fleece with a firetruck and accessories embroidered on .   Edged in Red Heart yarn in Cherry Red.  To the right is a blue fleece with some animal characters embroidered.  Edged in Caron White.  And on the bottom right is a pink and white fleece with black butterflies.  Edged in Caron Black yarn.

I have two more pieces of fleece at home that will be finished in time for the next Starbucks night.

I think someone might be daring me to shoot for 100 blankets by the end of the year.

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