Real Murders, by Charlaine Harris

Book 52

Small town librarian is a member of a little club of weird people that like to study true crime.  Famous murders to be exact.  One night she arrives for a meeting and finds another member bludgeoned to death in and arranged just like one of those real murders.

So that’s cool.

There are no supernatural anythings and the cops don’t suck.  I was irritated by the whole mousy-librarian-who-never-dates-but-suddenly-has-two-totally-eligible-men-chasing-her bit.  But the body count is decent and the end is rather frightening and I hadn’t even guessed the whodunnit.  That was rather odd since this was an earlier novel.  Early enough that I had to keep reminding myself that there were no cell phones.

If I am going to do a serious Christmas Challenge, I am going to have to put these down.  But I am having so much fun.


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