An Ice Cold Grave and Grave Secret, by Charlaine Harris

Books 50 and 51

The Harper Connelly mysteries are such easy reads that I figured I would finish out the series.  An Ice Cold Grave has Harper called in to find a missing teenaged boy.  She finds that several such boys have gone missing and she finds them all buried in the yard of an abandoned house.  Her first serial killer.

The cops are rather more helpful in this one, as the sheriff called them in to begin with.  But I still pretty well had the villain pegged pretty early on.  Then suddenly, the baddie was revealed.  And I had chosen wrong.  Then I realized I had an awful lot of pages left.  SPOILER And there was a hint that the baddie had a partner.  So I had it half right.

Who ever heard of a serial killer that worked with a partner?

Oh, yeah.  And then there was a hook up.

Grave Secret has Harper and Tolliver back in Dallas, where their half-sisters live.  They start with an average job, then Tolliver is shot by a sniper.  Harper has to do some sleuthing all on her lonesome.  There is much family drama.  And Harper finally learns what happened to her sister, Cameron.

The baddie on the original assignment was no surprise.  But the baddie in Cameron’s case sure was.  So for the last (so far) Harper Connelly book, Charlaine Harris put one over on me.

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