Run for Shelter – Wright Way Rescue 2012

Yesterday Fiona and I continued our tour of the pet rescue walk circuit with Wright Way Rescue’s Run for Shelter event. In addition to the 5K, there is a picnic that is also billed as a bit of a family reunion.  Since so much of Wright Way’s work is with litters of puppies, there is an opportunity for a dog to come back and run into a littermate.  For that reason, I felt a bit guilty about taking Fiona instead of Gibbs.  But seriously, Gibbs would not have enjoyed himself.  It was also a very chilly day – I was dressed in multiple layers and we saw several dogs like this:

The fabulous news is that I did really well with the fundraising.  My co-workers in particular really came through and I worked my employer’s charitable match.

I remembered to take Fiona’s picture when we returned to the car to drop off some swag.

This was registration.  Big turnout:

We had seen this dog from Sit Means Sit at another event.  I think Fiona has a crush:

And we saw the awesome van donation by the Petco Foundation.

There was a DJ and a bouncy house and lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes.  But I must say that I have never seen so many black labs in my entire life.  As the day began, Wright Way had raised $16,000.  I have no doubt they reached their goal of $20,000.  The event fundraising pages are open for awhile longer, so if you are interested, this is a link to my page.

Fiona and I left early so race back to Northbrook where Wags on Willow hosted Second Hand Snoots.  They were raising funds by taking pet portraits.  I received a sneak peek of Fiona’s pics on Facebook and they are freakin’ fabulous.

So it was a big day.  I am thinking of doing a recap of my experience this first year attending fundraisers.  But right now I want to lie around and do nothing.

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