Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris

Book 45

I hadn’t thought to dig in to the rest of the books from Harris, who writes the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  But Grave Sight, the first in a somewhat shorter series of books, was in the free book exchange at the library, so I snagged it.   Grabbed it off my shelf when I changed out handbags and needed something smaller.  Because that’s how book decisions are made in my house.

Harper Connelly was struck by lightning as a teenager and left with the “gift” of being able to find dead bodies and “see” their last moments.  As an adult, she earns a living that way, with her trusty sidekick – step-brother Tolliver – acting as business manager.

They take a job in small town Arkansas that involves looking for a teenaged girl.  Her boyfriend had been found dead in the woods of a gunshot wound and there are rumors that it was a murder-suicide.  Harper finds the body straight away, and confirms that she was murdered.  It is also clear that the boyfriend didn’t do it.  Two murders.

Boyfriend’s father recently died of a heart attack.  Girl’s sister recently died in her bathtub.  Girl’s mother is murdered a few pages later.

I must say that I had pegged the primary killer and primary motive pretty quickly.  Several of the threads were rather complex, which made it interesting all the way through.  The heroine didn’t irritate me too much, which is a big plus. And one can already see how there is a series in the making.

Brain candy, but totally readable.   Like Sookie Stackhouse – with less romantic nonsense.

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