No Bully Walk & Party – Second Hand Snoots

Earlier in the week, I saw..somewhere that Second Hand Snoots, a rescue based in Gurnee, Illinois, was holding a fundraiser in Northbrook.  While I couldn’t spend the day with them, Fiona and I participated in their morning walk.   This was our third charity walk this year – I’d say we are officially on the circuit now.

At 9am, people and dogs gathered.  These are some of the adoptable dogs that are currently in foster homes, with their volunteer handlers:

They were a bit barky in the beginning, but seemed to settle in nicely as we got moving.  Which means they did better than Gibbs would have.  Fiona was very happy to meet everyone, albeit startled to see what must have been her first Great Dane:

She also met the famous Payton, a dog I had learned about through Trio Animal Foundation.  Payton is available for adoption, the Dane is not.

The walk was led by Ed and his pack.  I can’t manage my two as well as he managed these four.

Fiona and I spent most of the walk with Chuck, an 8-month old Golden, and his people.  Chuck did very well in the crowd:

Upon our return, the party started.  There was a bouncy house and agility course and other fun and games.  I wish we’d been able to stay.  However, it was a great morning and a fine introduction to another rescue doing great work in our area.  You can find Second Hand Snoots on Facebook or their website.  And one more picture of an adoptable dog.  This charming puppy was playing with a basketball when we arrived.  I believe his name is Johnny and he is here meeting a Great Dane:

Up next is the Run for Shelter event for Wright-Way Rescue next weekend.  One more plug for my donation page!

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