Frozen Dog Treats

Several weeks ago, when Chicago was in the midst of the heat wave, my social media feeds were all talking about ways to keep our pets cool.  One that I found interesting was chicken broth ice cubes.

I am already in the habit of making pumpkin pops for my dogs.  Literally take canned pumpkin, spoon it into ice cube trays and freeze.  They think it is the best treat ever and the extra fiber does them good.

So I went looking for some low sodium chicken broth and found that one is way lower sodium than the others.  Makes sense since it is organic:

I used two cups (half the package) and two cups of water, which was more than enough to fill three ice cube trays.  The dogs love them.  And seriously, between this and the pumpkin I am not feeding them a whole lot of cookies.  And you gotta believe this is way less expensive.

Dog Treat Kitchen has several more recipes for the creative types, and I will hang on to the site in case my dogs start to get bored.  But so far, so good.

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