Louisville – Day 2

We had an afternoon free, so a few of us took the Louisville city tour.  First stop was in..Indiana.  The Ohio Falls with the statue of Lewis & Clark:

Then we drove around a few neighborhoods and looked at the Victorian architecture.  Apparently, one can buy a lovely Victorian home for around $200,000.  But one would have to spend a fortune remodeling it to modern standards of acceptable plumbing and light.

Then we went to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum.  I seem to have forgotten that Barbaro was buried there, but by the end of the tour I had told my friend Dave the entire story (tour guide confirmed my facts) and managed not to cry.

I did not shoot the grandstand very well.

Did ok with the Derby winner’s circle.

And that was pretty much it.  We had dinner at Ri Ra Irish pub, which I now know to be a chain.  Guinness BBQ burger was very good.

For those keeping score, things are not yet back on track at UAL.  This time, my luggage – which was on the correct plane and was scanned properly upon arriving at O’Hare – was somehow lost on its way to baggage claim.  It was delivered to my house by their third party vendor the next morning.  I have flown this airline almost exclusively for 20 years.  These past five months since the merger have tested my faith.

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