Louisville – Day 1

I spent the better part of the week in Louisville, Kentucky for a meeting.  We stayed at the Seelbach Hotel, one of the historic places.  (Read as: smallest hotel room I have ever used in my life.)  Very pretty, clean, pleasant staff, $10 a day for wifi and I was unimpressed by the pecan pie.

We had breakfast at a Panera across the street from the Convention Center.  Seems they have a Horses on Parade thing going on:

We did one fancy dinner, at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse.  The bonehead that put it on the FourSquare map called it a sushi place.  Sushi is on the menu, but puleeze.    Several of us started with the Freddie Salad.  Very basic, but the awesome smoked bacon made it fabulous.  I ordered the petite filet and was not mocked or glared at for requesting it well done.  And this was dessert:

Brownie base, peanut butter mousse, chocolate shell and peanut butter ice cream (made on site).  Two of us couldn’t take it down.  This was a serious meal and I am glad we walked over there.

Went straight back to the hotel and pretty much right to sleep.


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