Being Back

I returned from vacation and found my dog has started to figure it out – sometimes I go away.  And while he will still sleep in my bedroom, he spends the better part of the night with my mother which makes no sense because she is all screamy at the NCAA right now.

Over the weekend, I took him to the doctor, where he was all barky-barky.  Then to Wags on Willow where he was perfectly pleasant with Mary, the proprietor, then went all barky-barky whenever anyone new entered the room.  Finally on Sunday, we went back to the dog park where he was perfectly pleasant with every man, woman and beast we encountered.

We are starting to reach out to various rescue groups in search of dog #2.  It is more difficult now that we have “best companion for Gibbs” as a requirement, in addition to “won’t try to kill the birds”.  And we don’t have Puppy Amnesia.  Obviously, I will keep you posted.

And finally, I was pleased to find my monthly picture of Gibbs at Doggie Do Rite in my Facebook Feed today:

Yeah.  That would be my dog stalking a bulldog with the tennis ball.

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