At Eleven Months

This past month, Gibbs has decided that he is personally responsible for tracking the whereabouts of Kiwi the Grey whenever she is out of her cage.  This is rather funny on days when he is at Doggie Do Rite and comes home exhausted, as the birds come out during what should be his pre-dinner nap.

Before you even ask – yes.  I am sure it is safe.  First because Gibbs is a herding dog.  There have been plenty of times when he could have grabbed her ass right out of the air.  He does not.  He has goosed her, though.  Second, when Sigmund is on the ground, Gibbs is a perfect gentleman and stays out of his way.  Mostly, he is fascinated by the flighted one being all flighty.

However, that I am a bit worried that when the next dog comes around he will be modeling some bad behavior to a somewhat less trustworthy animal.

Anyway, this is what it looks like when Gibbs is watching Kiwi:

She was on the back of the couch at the time.

So, about that second dog.

I’ve said that we were long a two-dog house.  But after we lost Dallas, both Shadow and Spooky were getting older and we weren’t sure about adding another dog to the dynamic.

Once Shadow was gone, it was puppy time.  When Spooky passed on last Thanksgiving we started thinking again.

Omigod is Gibbs a pack animal.  There is nothing he loves more than other dogs.

Also, Gibbs is sorta my dog and I suspect my mother needs her own dog.  And finally:

We can.

It would seem to be a violation of the covenant of..something..for us to be in a position to offer a dog a good home and not do it.

We are taking our time to find the right one, and are in no hurry.  Our plan was in the summer when Gibbs is a bit older and it is warmer outside (in case housetraining is an issue again).  But we are looking. is a great thing.

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