Volunteer Appreciation Day and Blanket 48

Today, my chapter of Project Linus held its annual volunteer appreciation tea.  It was, of course, the first I’ve attended.  I started making blankets for the group in January and began attending events once or twice a month since March.

I’ve said before that I am not a skilled or talented crafter, but the ladies at Project Linus have all made me feel very welcome and given me tons of reassurance with my very simple stitching.

The tea itself was extremely well done.  As a volunteer, I tend to feel guilty if a group spends a bunch of money to thank me.  But today, we met at our regular Blanket Day place – a local church – and heard from the staff of hospitals, shelters, and even a courthouse program for children.  They told us stories about how they have seen Project Linus blankets make some pretty crappy days a little bit better for a lot of kids.

Then – a lady that teaches stretching exercises to arthritic patients gave the group a lesson that included care for hands, wrists and elbows.  Seriously, we should all be taking better care of our hands.

There was a themed blanket-making contest – which I didn’t dare enter – with some work that was so great I rather wished they would auction it off.  There were sponsored door prizes and goodie bags and a lovely lunch.  None of it was terribly extravagant, or made me feel like the organization should be spending its money somewhere else.  I was really impressed with the creativity.  

Finally, I got a good start on a blanket, that I finished late this afternoon:

The fleece was from Penny’s stash and the yarn was Loops & Threads Impeccable in Lavender.  Three rows of single crochet.

One Comment on “Volunteer Appreciation Day and Blanket 48

  1. I like those volunteer appreciation things, but keeping it simple is a good idea for cost. More of what is good is the socializing and getting an idea of what good you are doing.

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