Washington Misc

I am back in Washington DC.  Things I forgot this time around:

  1. My personal cell phone. (As opposed to my employer’s cell phone.)
  2. My iPod
  3. My Metro card.  I think it had $12 on it.
  4. The turn off to Long Term Parking at O’Hare.  So I am paying the regular Daily Rate.  This isn’t actually a terrible thing, since it was pouring rain when I got to the airport and I would have been most cranky wandering the airport soaking wet.

Because Stef is now working out of the empty office I used to squat, I commandeered a conference room in Accounting.  Would you believe that someone ordered a whole bunch of cupcakes from someplace new and I was locked in with them all afternoon?  What is it with this place and the cupcakes?

The place was called Cake Love.  As always, I tried the vanilla.  It was ok.  The cake was pretty dense and the frosting was light.  It just wasn’t all that exciting.  However, I looked on the website and the layered cakes look darling.
In other non-news, it is 95 degrees outside, I can’t face the Metro at Rush Hour and I only brought one set of play clothes, so I am staying in tonight.  I plan to eat ice cream and watch more Daria on DVD. 

One Comment on “Washington Misc

  1. Oh, Anne..I cannot think of anything I would rather be "locked up" with than a cupcake..well, maybe a book! Have a nice trip. M

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