Falling Out of Fashion, by Karen Yampolsky

Book 34

As a result of Googling Jane Pratt, I found that her former assistant, Karen Yampolsky, wrote a roman a clef about the rise and fall of Sassy and Jane magazines.  But she did it from Jane’s point of view.

It is total chick lit. I found myself cringing an awful lot at the behavior of the people running Nestrom – the stand-in name for Conde Nast Publications.  Apparently, it is all just like high school.  And Anna Wintour really is that bad.  There are enough juicy pieces in the book to make one wonder where the line was between fiction and reality.  Such as – did Jane Pratt really have a one week groupie fling with Michael Stipe in college?  So that was fun.  However.

I don’t see much reason for anyone that isn’t familiar with the magazines to read this book.  Unless you really, really like chick lit.

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