Go See This

My friend John is in this show. I would put up a picture of the playbill, but this is a family blog. Sort of.  I suppose I must go see it, even though it’s an..untraditional piece. And you all know how I feel about schlepping into the city.

John is a bit of a punk, and the last time I clicked in there, he hadn’t submitted a bio. So I have written one for him:

John Wilson is thrilled to return to the stage after a long hiatus fueled by red meat, booze, women and film noir. He came to Chicago sometime in the last millennium after graduating from Shorter College with a degree in Theatre Arts. He claims they did their first decent show after he graduated.  It was The Lion in Winter.  He’s still bitter.

 John maintains a day job in a cube farm and writes a blog that is sometimes clever. Less so now that Lost is finished, but whatever. He still plays with Legos and knows more about Doctor Who than you do.

2 Comments on “Go See This

  1. You might have just made my day.Now grab a pic from your Facebook Profile. The one with Ren and Stimpy perhaps…

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