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John Scalzi at Whatever pointed us to Weekend Assignment, a website that sets up blog topics once a week for when we feel like we have nothing to say. 

Would you believe the first topic was on books? 

I am not committing to doing this for real every week, but it is a nice idea.  So in the spirit of participating..the topic is:

…share with us the kind of summer reading you look forward to the most.

You’ve all heard me say that when I was in school, I reread Gone with the Wind every year.  The last couple of summers, while on break from new degree program, I read some modern fiction epics: The Winds of War and The Thorn Birds

This year, the summer reading I most anticipate is the doing more of it.  I like to think that once the TV season is over, I will spend more time with my books.  I have often commented that my To Be Read pile is a seven shelf bookcase.  I just purged a pile from that bookcase to take it from “overflowing” to “full”.  Then I picked up three more at Half Price Books.

I also buy books as souvenirs when I travel.  I just read one from Seattle.  I have two more from Seattle.  At least three from New Orleans.  One from Franklin, Tennessee.

I am going to go from “looking forward to” to “setting a goal”.  This summer, I am going to take them all out.  By Labor Day, I will have read all of the books purchased while travelling.  This will include anything I pick up in Toronto.

And maybe I’ll think about doing some better writing, too.

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