An Insider’s Tour of the Pike Place Public Market, by Michael Yaeger

Book 16
There was no Amazon Associates picture for Insiders Tour of the Pike Place Market, by Michael Yaeger, so I had to go back to the old way of posting for today.
So I was wandering around Pike Place Market and saw some books in a corner space with some watercolor prints.  A very nice lady started talking with me and I learned three things:
  1. She is originally from Glencoe
  2. Her husband wrote the two books that were in my hands and;
  3. She was the artist
It was Sarah Clementson, whose website I am now plugging because I liked her work but really couldn’t justify buying any of it.  Because, you know, I insisted on the paintings from New Orleans.
So, about the book.  I really should have read it before getting on the plane back home.  Michael Yaeger literally walks the reader through the geography of the market.  The landscape changes pretty regularly, and the book was written 15+ years ago, but there were several things I recognized.
The second half of the piece included interviews with a whole bunch of local proprietors and supporters of the market.  You hear some of the scoop regarding the quest to save the public space from developers.  The words “from New York” seem to be an insult, which amused me.  The only disappointing thing was that the interviews were so dated.  I hope an updated edition is in the future.
And P.S. to Mr. Yaeger:  I felt like I got a really great deal on your books – $20 for two “local author” book when I am travelling makes me very happy.  But if I may make a suggestion – you should really sign them.  The tourists dig that.

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