One Step too Far

You know that I am in Washington DC a lot. I have stay so regularly at the Holiday Inn that I am fairly certain the room service staff recognizes me. The location is great, but it is a Holiday Inn not a Ritz Carlton and a few years ago there were a couple of instances of bed bugs in the guest rooms. Since then, the hotel has spent a bajillion dollars on renovations, trying to go upscale. The rooms have all been redone. The bathrooms look great (although I am still not entirely satisfied with the plumbing). The lobby has been made over. The linens look lovely. And they are charging my employer $30 more per room night than last year. Which was a good $20 per room night more than the year before.  And we are extremely good customers.

Yesterday, when I checked into my room, I looked at the bed and decided they are officially trying too hard.

This pillow is wrapped in a ribbon of fabric.  You probably can’t read that little plastic sign, but it says “firm”. There was another pillow with a similar ribbon that said “soft”. They are spending money on these…things…and instructing the housekeeping staff to spend the extra time setting them up…and requiring me to take them off so that I can sleep. So they they can tell me which is the firm pillow?


Dear Holiday Inn: please skip the ribbons and spend the money dropping some Draino down in the shower.

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