General Update Post

After four days on the road, I caught an early flight home on Friday.  I now have a standard for Friday afternoons off:

  1. Go get allergy shot
  2. Have lunch at Meatheads (they are doing serious business at lunchtime)
  3. Go home and listen to this week’s Live Classroom and prep for quiz on Saturday

I may or may not decide to do the grocery shopping before dinner.

Sad, sad life.

I broke it up this week by stopping by the Refuge on the way home and bringing home Billy, an African Grey.  Billy was a proverbial “dump and run” at the Niles Animal Hospital this past June.  Dr. Sakas said he seems to have been well cared for in his previous life.  He doesn’t talk, and is pretty skittish, but he is a good eater and doesn’t appear to be a feather picker.  Here he is.  I know.  You can’t tell him apart from the rest of the Greys.  You could tell if you heard him.

He can do one particularly loud and annoying sound that I believe I have identified as the Brinks Home Security alarm.  He’d better quit that or he won’t make it through the holidays at my house.

For the second year in a row, we have decided to have our Thanksgiving catered by the Fresh Market.  Meal for 4-6 people for $80.  The pick up is on Wednesday, so it does require actually using the stove.  It doesn’t include dessert, which is fine because someone always brings dessert.  And it doesn’t include green bean casserole, which is also ok because it is very easy to make and my secret recipe (read as: cream of chicken soup instead of cream of mushroom) rocks.

So now I am killing time before the Bears game, which could very well make for a late night.  Here’s hoping for a quiet week at work.

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