Credit Card Processing

Warning: Disingenuous Rant to Follow
I was in the Bath and Body Works.  I was once a regular customer of this branch.  While I have defected to The Body Shop for most of my shower gels and creams, I still go to Bath and Body works for a few things.  Today it was hand soap because Vanilla Bean Noel is back in the house.  And the shea cashmere hand cream also made a comeback.  And I had a 20% discount.
After all of the sales and discounts, my total was something under $20.  I swiped my credit card and signed.  While the lady was putting my stuff into my reusuable shopping bag, I put the card away.  She handed me the bag and asked to see the credit card.  Now, I don’t mind handing over the credit card, but I really thought the whole point of the self service card swipers that capture signatures was to speed the process along.  I opened my bag, took out my wallet and handed her the card.
She told me my signature didn’t look like the signature on the machine and asked to see my i.d.  Staring daggers into her heart, I handed it over.  She looked at the picture, looked at me and handed both back with my receipt.
Now.  Here is my damage:
Of course the signature doesn’t look right.  These digital machines can’t pick up anything properly, let alone at the odd angle at which I am required to sign because I am left-handed.  Once or twice, when these machines were new, I asked a store to erase my signature and start the transaction over because even I couldn’t read it.  Apparently, that was also suspicious.
Ulta has these digital signature storing devices.  I always found it weird that the sales associate had to swipe the card herself.  I am thinking this is why.  She can eyeball the card without making a big display of theft control prowess.
I know that I should be pleased that someone is taking care with my credit. But really. The total was less than $20. I worked the sales and discounts to the extreme. Do the Amex thieves really use all of their little coupons when they have just stolen someone’s card? For that amount, many stores don’t even bother to collect a signature.
Making me feel like a criminal is not the way to regain (or retain) my business.

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