Product Review – Wigo Curling Iron

Skilled as I appear with the eyeliner and skin care, I am a total loser about my hair.

It is bone straight and I have spent a lifetime trying to put curls into it. (Note Jenny’s Theory – No woman is every happy with her hair.  She has the thick and curly kind that I would just love and she’s tried every method of straightening known to Man.)  When I was 12, my mother paid a bloody fortune to take me to an extremely well-recommended stylist at Sam Martirano’s to get the darling corkscrew curls that were all the rage with the teased bangs in 1986. It did not last two weeks.

I’ve tried sleeping in curlers. Works, (actually works a little too well) but what a pain in the butt. And there was no way I was going to do sleep in curlers in the co-ed dorms.

I’ve tried regular curlers, steam curlers, round brushes…you get the idea. All that is left is frying my hair with the curling iron. I had a pretty good system going with the products last spring, but I cut my hair rather shorter and the large barrel wasn’t doing it for me, so I picked up a new curling iron. Because my last one lasted a good decade, I paid a moderately larger sum for the Wigo, about which the Ulta stores had been raving.  But then I was on summer hours, and you all know that I am pony tail girl all summer long – between getting up earlier and the humidity it isn’t worth styling my hair for real.
September arrives and I pull the curling iron back out. That first morning, I forgot to use the volumizing gel because I was half asleep. But I did my usual thing, sprayed with my usual hair spray and left for work
And my hair held all day. 

What the heck is the difference? Something about ceramic and ionic something-something. But I am using one less product in my hair and it is holding up for an entire work day. Don’t know what kind of damage it’s doing…

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