And While I am Discussing My Spending Habits Again

I went in to Yankee Candle.  I had been using an electric tart warmer for a couple of years, but officially ran out of outlets in the area that I kept it and I don’t feel like adding more.  So I went old school.  I use a jar candle when I am going to be home for a long stretch and the standard tart warmers during the week when I will only be upstairs for a couple of hours before going to sleep.  The accessories are getting better.  I love my new jar holder:

Except the picture looks weird with the shadow behind it.  Anyway, the tip of the day for the hard-core Yankee Candle people is that if you use an electric tart holder, set it on a timer for a few minutes before you get home.  So the scent is already wafting by the time you walk in the door.

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