Product Review – Eyeliner Sealer

I started wearing make up at eleven. I know stuff. I don’t know everything, because who can be bothered? But trust me on this one – eyeliner.

I have pale skin and pale eyes, so eyeliner has always been my one most important cosmetic. Although concealer is rapidly catching up. But I have tried every kind. Eye pencils are really good for beginners, and the come in a wide variety of colors. But they smudge off really easily. Liquid eyeliner holds better, but requires really good technique, and even then it can look too harsh. At some point – I am thinking early in college – I discovered Clinique’s water resistant eye liner:
It is like a watercolor. You run the brush under the faucet for a second, until it is wet through. Then get some “paint” on the brush and paint the eyelid. Good product. I used it for years.
At some point, when I determined that I really should keep foundation around, I tried Bare Minerals. Best concealer ever, and I can even stand to use the foundation. Occasionally. Slowly, I started trying the other products. The eye shadow is loose powder, which is odd but perfectly good. The eyebrow stuff is works very well.
Then I tried the eyeliner.
It is also loose powder. The lady in the store told me to mix some with water and paint it on. Well, that worked with a built-in hard palette, but I am hardly going to try it with loose powder. I would never get the consistency right. So I brushed a thin line of powder on my eyelid and then dampened a really thin brush to “watercolor” it, which creates a kind of cosmetic seal.

I have just exactly enough talent to pull this off. Meaning that if I am not totally awake when I make the attempt, I might get soft black powder all over my face, fingers and bathroom counter. So when I screw up, I have to scrub everything and start all over again. And really, I didn’t think this stuff holds up any better than Clinique’s over the average workday.

And then.

I saw that Bare Minerals had a serum designed to solve my problem. “Weather Everything” is labeled as a “liner sealer”. The instructions say to mix it with the powder before applying, but I ignored that again. I put the powder on my eyelid, then put some sealer on the brush. The look was the same.

But people.
8 o’clock in the evening, I went to take a shower. I looked in the mirror and my eyeliner hadn’t moved. I walked outside at lunchtime. I came home and went walking after work. I played four tennis matches on Wii. My eyeliner hadn’t moved. I was so stunned that I rubbed it on purpose. Still didn’t move. It isn’t cheap, but I am in love with this product.

3 Comments on “Product Review – Eyeliner Sealer

  1. I love Bare Escentuals. I wear the foundation daily, and have a bunch of the other products. My problem with eyeliner and mascara is that I wear contacts and even the stuff that works well with contacts seems to always end up everywhere. I envy your skills!

  2. Whoa. This sounds serious. I purchased the Bare Minerals foundation set a couple of years ago and never really used it because almost immediately Vinnie ate the powder brush. I went back to my wet/dry cream foundation. I re-discovered the Bare Minerals stuff a week ago because I get a sexy new brush set and love the "Fairly Light" color. It is the perfect shade for me (kind of yellowish?). I realized my "Classic Ivory" that I had been wearing all of these years had a pink undertone that make me look mask-y. Anyway, I am finna try this magic serum you speak so fondly of.

  3. Jodi:Fairly light is also my color. I get most of my brushes by buying the sets – better value and you get to try new colors. If you shop at Ulta, they just sent out the rare coupons that include Bare Minerals.P.S. If my cat ate my Bare Minerals brush…

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