Poor Kid

My brother, Scott, is a web guy. He builds web sites for a living. But he doesn’t like blogs and has a particular disdain for Facebook. A favorite story:

Scott keeps in touch with some people that he worked with at the Herald. They go to lunch every few months. He shows up at the table, all jazzed to show everyone the new pictures of Ainslie. One chick tosses them back on the table and says, “I’ve already seen these.”

He is floored. “They are days old. How did you see them?”

The answer, of course, is that she is Facebook friends with his wife, Becky. He pouted for days.

Earlier today, he e-mailed me that Wil Wheaton had been on The Big Bang Theory. I like that show, but I have missed so much that I am officially writing it off as a “pick it up on DVD unless it lands in syndication pdq”. But I knew Wheaton was on, because he blogged about it.
Unfortunately, I was busy with Professor Blight last night. (sigh).
Scott called me after work today, asking if I’d gotten his e-mail. I’d totally forgotten. He said it was hysterical. I told him I’d heard. How did I hear? Wheaton’s blog.

Silence. I swear he almost hung up on me. But apparently he tivo’d it so that he can make me watch it the next time I am there. That’s a good boy. Here is a picture of him, from the Alex Collection.  The surreal effect.

One Comment on “Poor Kid

  1. I didn't have CBS until a few months ago and Big Bang was one of those shows I tried at least once and then moved on, but I did catch the one from 2 nights ago because of the Wheaton. I won't say anything other than it has the potential to be a recurring storyline, and if so I'd tune in more regularly.utter_whatever

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