More Notes from the Road

I realized this morning, when I started to create my expense report, that I hadn’t even printed out my flight itinerary. I hadn’t even been able to check into the flight from home because the printer is buried under things in the construction zone. I left the house, went to the airport, boarded an airplane, spent a few days, boarded another airplane and came home without looking at a flight number or departure time until I was standing in the terminal.

Force. Of. Habit. Because I make this trip so often.


I forgot to go to the ATM last weekend, so I had $25 on me during this trip. I realized it Monday afternoon, when I was buying lunch. Then it became a game. Can I travel on plastic alone? Even if I forgot my Metro card in my other carry on?

The answer is yes. I went out with $25 in cash and came back with $10. For everything else, I used the credit card.

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