Good & Fruity

I was at CVS the other day and saw a “new” candy. Apparently, Hershey’s owns Good & Plenty and created something called Good & Fiery. There was cinnamon in there with some other flavors. Interesting. I determined to make my mother try it.

Next to the Good & Fiery were Good & Fruity! Apparently it was gone and there was some kind of petition to bring it back. I bought a box for nostalgia’s sake.

Big disappointment. My initial reaction, which seems to be the opinion of Bloggers everywhere (seriously, Google it) is that they are less the Good & Fruity of old and more Mike and Ike.

Eh. Because I ditched the box and wanted a picture for you, I went online – where I found the petitions and angry reviews. Then I found this:

Check out this Candy Blog. Very open-minded and detailed review. Nice schtick for a website, I think. I might have to read more.

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