What Was the Point of That?

I came home today to meet a guy about removing all of the mold from my house. I went up the stairs, thinking I would start a load of laundry. Then I saw this:

Damn. What did I leave in my garbage that the dog found? Then I saw this:

It was a full bag of cat food. We had left it on top of the cat’s scratching post, which was idiotic because Shadow can totally reach that. I pick up the bag and realize that it is mostly full. In fact, there were more than three pounds left in a 3.5 pound bag.

What the heck? Shadow suddenly decided that he doesn’t like cat food? I called my mother, because that is what we do wen one of the animals has behaved badly.

“I don’t know why I am more bothered,” I say. “Because he did the deed or because it is so freakin’ out of character for him to not finish the bag and make himself sick.”

She says, “I’m worried because that bag was sitting there for two weeks. Did he just now discover it?”

Weirdness all around.

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