The Downside of the Charity Resale Shop

I have been vaguely looking for something nightstand-like for several years. Actually, something bigger than a nightstand and smaller than a dresser to replace the canvas thing I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond 10 years ago. I didn’t want something crappy, but I have a hard time spending real money of a piece like that, that I am bound to destroy in some manner.

Thursday afternoon, I was early for my dentist appointment so I wandered into the new charity resale shop next door. I had about made the full loop of the store when I saw this:

It does this:

And this:

$42 and it is real wood. The little drawer sticks terribly, but whatever. Bought it. When I brought it home, I opened the cabinet and found the catch – smells like cat pee.

That cabinet is not big enough to have held a litter box!

I was going to take my time, do some research and try to rearrange some stuff in my room before taking the leap and bringing it upstairs. Then my brother was over today, all helpful and stuff, and put it in my room while I wasn’t looking.

OK, then. I will deal with it tonight! What does the Internet say I can do about this right now, without using bleach or ordering something that will take five days to get here? I Googled Cat Urine and Wood and found Nature’s Miracle is the one product that everyone mentions. Hm. I went around my house, thinking I might have an old bottle from when we had two elderly cocker spaniels in the house. Didn’t find it, but I did find what the Internet suggested was the next best thing: Kids and Pets.

I find the name a bit offensive. I mean, we spilled our share of Kool Aid as kids, but I do not recall that we smelled bad.

Anyway, the directions say to not even wipe it up, but let it soak in to the surface. Fine. But it dripped on the floor and don’t tell my mother, but I didn’t see it in time and it has ruined the laminate in two places.

Ugh. This had better work.

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