I received a letter from Ernie Dannenberger, Director, Vehicle Services, Ilinois Secretary of State.

Dear Illinois Motorist:

Your license plates have been identified by the manufacturer as being in a batch that has the potential to wear prematurely. IN order to remain in compliance with Illinois law, it may be necessary to replace your license plates if it develops bubbles or rust around the letters causing it to be difficult to read.

To have your license plates replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty and at no cost to you, please call 800-252-8980 or 217-785-3000 or visit . Failure to do so could result in a citation.

Thank you,

I had noticed such wear on my plates. Don’t tell my mother, but I asked my car what fresh hell I drove her through to manage such a thing. She didn’t say. But then, she isn’t a complainer. Except about the potholes.

Here is what I want to know:

If they know that my plates are going to “wear prematurely”, and the swap is going to be at no cost to me, why did they not just send them? It would have saved the postage on the first letter, and avoided the offense I take at being told “Failure to do so could result in a citation”.

I went online and entered my information. Apparently, the plates are ordered. It was that easy. And the couldn’t have done that in the first place?

Does someone know the story here?

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