In Savannah

I flew in to Charleston, rented a car and drove down to Savannah. It is a lively drive that I have done before. It is too early in the season for roadside farm stands of peaches, but I did stop at the Carolina Cider Company for cherry cider. I swear they have this exact same place in Door County, WI. They just call it something different!

Driving into the city, I nearly missed the fact that our hotel is on the other side of the river. I have felt all turned around all day. This is the view from my dirty hotel room window:

If I angled a bit left, you would see the fabulous parking lot.

We had our meeting today, which went fine. Then I spent almost two hours with my boss in the bar while he helped me with a school assignment involving self assessment. He was unbelievably nice to me. Then we went to dinner with a couple of colleagues. The Olde Pink House is a big deal here, and I had been there before. Unfortunately, it is Saturday and we could only get two tables pushed together in the basement bar area. Food was good, though. I was too lame to remember to take a picture (ok, I was talking), so this is the best I can do:

Now I really have to do some homework.

3 Comments on “In Savannah

  1. I guess I should have specified – somebody else drove, so I never had that responsibility. I forgot how bad the parking is in that town…

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