Happy Travel Day

Everyone has airport horror stories. Particularly about my own airport. Did you hear that we were rated the “worst” again? “Worst” meaning of all the airports in the U.S., you are most likely to encounter a delay at O’Hare.

Boohoo. Go find another airport.

So I thought I would change the pace and tell you all about my great day.
The cab was early. So I arrived at the airport early. Went through security without any trouble at all. Even though I wear gym shoes and had a laptop in my bag. I picked up some caramel corn at Garrett’s to get me through the week (Garrett’s! #12 on the list of Reasons Why O’Hare Rules!) and then went to Starbucks for oatmeal.

Eating my oatmeal at the gate, I see that the 8am flight to Washington is boarding. I am on the 9am flight. I consider trying to get on the 8am flight, then decide that I would never find room for my luggage and anyway, I am eating my oatmeal.
I finish my oatmeal and see on the new, fancy informational sign that this flight has 60 available seats. And seven more minutes to board. The gate agent is just trying to track down two last no-shows. Everyone else has boarded. I walk up, explain that I am booked on the 9am, but only have carry on luggage and would be happy to go early if it was convenient.

It most certainly was. She gave me seat 3D. I kicked the squatter out of my chair, stored my luggage, e-mailed my mother (because she has made clear that if I die on a flight that I am not supposed to be on, she will be super-mad) and went to sleep.
The flight took off early and landed early so I arrived in time to have lunch with my boss. Which is a good thing.

Happy travel day.

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