Being Grateful for the Little Things

In case you haven’t heard, flossing your teeth is very important. Something about bacteria and heart disease. Whatever. I am into hygiene and all, but flossing is a pain and I am lazy. Which is why the totally not-green plastic flossy things have been so great.

Just to sound like a commercial, Crest Glide floss sticks are the best of the many, many I have tried. How do I know? Because when I tried to use something more eco-friendly (involving less plastic) my dental hygienist, Marina, could tell the difference in my mouth.

Imagining that scene is right now making my mother cringe. She knows Marina.

So about six months ago, I was in the drugstore and they were on clearance. I bought every last box in a total panic. As my supply is diminishing, I have been considering trolling the Internet and paying shipping for these things.

Yesterday, I went to the CVS down the street because I can never remember to pack toothpaste. And I found them again – in new packaging.

I could just floss all night.

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