Even More about the Kindle

A Blog of Note led me to an article in the Economist about the Kindle.

Part of it talks about how Kindle is not to books what iPod was to CDs. But here is what I really liked:

“So far, says Mr Kessel, this does not seem to spell the end of paper books, since Kindle users buy just as many bound books as before, so that their total consumption of books goes up by 2.6 times. That may change as more titles become available. More importantly, the Kindle and similar devices made by Sony and others represent only one side of the evolving e-reader market. They are for aficionados, since paying $359 for a device makes sense only if you read quite a lot of books, newspapers or magazines on it. “

I am leaving for Washington again on Tuesday, and I will be taking the Kindle with me. I noted this afternoon that I will hurry up and finish the book I am reading so as not to carry both. I purchased three books at Half Price Books sale this weekend. Oh, and one more at the Library Used Book Store on Thursday.

Although. Except for that first purchase, (and the 99 cent Complete Shakespeare), I have only downloaded the free e-books from Amazon. I just picked up a free Sherlock Holmes e-book the other day, actually. It’s kind a thrill-of-the-hunt bargain shopping thing.

And I can’t get any real reading done while school is in session!

Anyway. You can read the entire article here.

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