Hand and Foot Creams

Janet Franz wrote a mid-winter article in the Chicago Tribune comparing hand creams. It seems Aveda wins and Neutrogena is the best from the drug store. (Neutrogena is also the best for boys that don’t want to smell like girls.)

But the real conclusion Franz came to is that most of the hand creams on the market will do the job if you can manage to remember to use them. A good scent helps with that. I would add that to keep one at your desk at work, it must be non-greasy. Franz also notes that most hand creams don’t really manage dry cuticles. So true.

I am still using my Bath and Body Works Hand Creams. Shea Cashmere at work and Breathe “delight” at home. But I am not particularly loyal because I don’t think anyone has found something head and shoulders above the others. In my price range, anyway.

And speaking of price range, I have even more trouble with what to use on my feet. I want to keep them healthy and moisturized, but am not willing to spend the same dollars as I do on my hands. During the Ulta clearance sales, I found this:

Bag Balm is one of the creams that dairy farmers use on the udders of cows. And I have to tell you, this stuff works. I shower at night, so I slather this stuff on my feet and cover them with socks. And my feet feel great.
The downside:

Looks like Carmex, doesn’t it? If I remember correctly, the smell is similar. Which is unfortunate. But I have been using this almost every night for over a month, and barely put a dent in it.

So. That is how I am getting my feet through the winter. Any further recommendations are welcome.

2 Comments on “Hand and Foot Creams

  1. Yeah, we used to have some of a similar product at work. I’m partial to Aveeno, and usually end up getting the huge package at Costco. I think that remembering to use it is the most important thing.

  2. I forgot about Aveeno – they are quite good. I don’t use the hand cream, but I keep a tube in my nightstand of the “cooling menthol” lotion for when my skin is so freakin’ dry that it itches.

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