Any Given Friday During the Semester

Spooky cannot seem to stay away from my computer. I took it downstairs to do some homework and supervise parrot play time.

Eloise was on her perch, eating her almond butter sandwich. Shadow was at her feet. Kiwi the Grey flew to the floor and veerrrry quietly waddled toward the dog.

Me: “Shadow! Watch out for Kiwi.”
Kiwi: (turns to glare at me)
Shadow: (huh? waiting for treats now!)
Kiwi: (turns back to Shadow) “You’re ok!”

Yes. She literally said that.

I got up, thinking either to scare her off of biting the dog’s feet or to snap a picture of her doing it. I hadn’t decided. By the time I had the camera, she had given up. And the cat was at the computer.

This scene could seriously happen on any given Friday night while I am in school

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