And Then There Were None – The Video Game

The other night at my friend Noah’s house, we were talking video games. I haven’t played them in a long time. He was showing us Oblivion. It gives me a headache. I told him I liked the old games where you pick up the clues and solve the little mysteries. He sneered:

“The old Sierra games?!”


As it happens, I was at Half Price Books and found a game based on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. I read it in high school and it was on my shelf to read again. For 5 bucks, I picked it up and took a couple of days to play.

It originally came out a couple of years ago and the reviews were mixed. Apparently the graphics weren’t good enough for the serious gamers. There are also differeing opinions on the things you “must accomplish” and the “side quests”. The interesting thing is that is has recently come out in a version for the Wii. Here is the trailer:

The other reason I like these older games? Somewhere on the Internet there are always Cheater Notes. The game doesn’t follow the book exactly, as the PC is the 11th person. Thus the ending is also different. Anyway, I had fun. Now I am going to go back and finish the book.

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