Eloise and Shadow

I mentioned that Eloise, an African Grey from the Refuge, is spending a couple of weeks at my house. She is a rather nervous bird – a feather picker, even. Kiwi the Grey makes her nervous, because she is always going airborne and Eloise has had her flight feathers clipped (I have confirmed with our director that they will be grown out). So I can’t really let her out to play in any place that Kiwi is likely to want to be. Mostly, she hangs out on or about her cage, and I give her lots of snacks because her weight is still low. Which attracts the dog. So Eloise spends most of her play time like this:

She is eating an almond butter sandwich. She is interested in the almond butter, but not the bread. So she is doing a weird sort of foraging and dropping the crumbs to the dog. You’d think it would make a nervous bird more…nervous. Not so much. She is practically aiming for his mouth.
The picture, from the Blackberry again, still has this blue shade going on. I’m not sure if that is the sunlight or the device.

One Comment on “Eloise and Shadow

  1. I bet the dog loves this bird. I have a friend who has a two year old that does the same thing with their dog, and the dog always has to be there at meal time.

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