Northern Illinois Lego Train Club

I knew we had a train club in the area. I did not know that we had a Lego Train Club. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Lego Train Club. I took my nephew, Alex, to their show at the Barrington Library today. And then stole this picture from their website because I never remember to bring a camera anywhere.

If you put about eight dining room tables together, that is how big the display was. They had built an “el” train, a Metra train, Hogwarts Express and several others that went around different themed displays. Including the Jedi Temple. And that black building in the picture is the Sears Tower. I was very impressed and the kids were very excited. I had a hard time getting Alex to leave.

The only downer was that I there wasn’t much at his eye level, so I had to carry the kid around the table. A lot. I am looking for some Advil now.

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