Hard Lesson in ECommerce

I allowed advertisements on this site to see if it might be used as a small fundraising tool for the two organizations with which I volunteer. AdSense places “relevant ads” in the two places I dedicated to them – one down the side and at the bottom.

Today, I saw an ad that said “Puppies for Sale”. I am mortified. I volunteer at an animal shelter. I am very against the sale of .. I can’t even type it again, for fear of generating more “relevant ads” to that effect. Maybe I should have typed it backward in the firstplace.

I clicked around Google and couldn’t figure out how to block such ads. I figure that by the time I work it out, the ad will be gone anyway. If the problem recurs, I will get serious. In the meantime, to balance my karma, here is my official position:

There are so many homeless pets in the world. If you are ready for one of your own, please visit Petfinder. This is an online network of shelters where you can search for the perfect pet for you. Here is the post of my foster parrot, Manu.

Now I have to go think of something else to write about…

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