Puppy Bowl VIII

I’ve been talking about Puppy Bowl since..the Bears were eliminated from the playoffs.  But I was Tweeting about it yesterday and thought I should look it up again.  This is the show that Animal Planet runs as alternative programming to the Super Bowl.  It is basically just video of a bunch of puppies playing for awhile, with a halftime show by the kittens.  It.  Is.  Awesome.

The Puppy Bowl Starting Line Up is online.  I have two favorites for MVP (because they are cute).  This is Abilene and Portia.  Even more awesome is that they are listing the adoption organizations for each puppy.  Here is a link to the Main Page.

One Comment on “Puppy Bowl VIII

  1. I think it says they are having some sort of pig performance in addition to the usual antics. I love the kitten halftime show.

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