Back from San Antonio

And I have decided that the Blackberry is good for the quick shots, but I just can’t use it for real.

For example, the Convention Center has a big hallway with a bunch of statues of distinguished Texans. I learned that Eisenhower was pretty short. By comparison. Every time I walked down the hallway, I looked at President Johnson because he appeared so sad. While I understand that he was not in a good place when he left office, I don’t think of him as sad in general. And I am surprised that Texas has portrayed him that way. So I took a picture:

Indoor shot and still all grainy. And then this:

I was outside the Convention Center, trying to get a shot of Hemisfair Park. This looks like I took it through a window. How does one turn the flash off this thing? This one was better (somewhat):

This is the Tower of the Americas. I later found out, because I had dinner there last night, that it has a revolving restaurant up there:

And then there is the Alamo:

I am sure there is nothing wrong with the device itself. I am worse than an amateur. But I was totally doing better with the old digital thing.

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