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Eloise and Shadow

I mentioned that Eloise, an African Grey from the Refuge, is spending a couple of weeks at my house. She is a rather nervous bird – a feather picker, even. Kiwi the Grey makes her nervous, because she is always going airborne and Eloise… Continue Reading “Eloise and Shadow”

Taking Pictures with the Blackberry

My pictures are all coming out blurry. I just cannot hold the thing steady enough. The other night, in my car, I was stopped at a light next to the forest preserve. There was a natural phenomena: the place flooded, then froze over. Have… Continue Reading “Taking Pictures with the Blackberry”

Late Sort of Christmas Present

Over the holidays, my Chief IT Guy e-mailed to ask me to come into the office while I was on vacation. He was going to be in town from Washington and wanted to set up my shiny new Blackberry. I didn’t really need a… Continue Reading “Late Sort of Christmas Present”

As I am Getting the New iPod Loaded

You may have a gratuitous picture of the dog. This is Shadow, after his Christmas bone, in his favorite spot in the family room.

Called into the Principal’s Office

I hadn’t unpacked my bag yet, so my camera was with me at work. Our building had put up the Holiday decorations while I was gone, so I went to go take a picture of the tree for our employee newsletter. And maybe one… Continue Reading “Called into the Principal’s Office”

Dixon, Illinois

I took a short road trip for work that involved spending a night in Dixon, Illinois. Famous for being “the boyhood home of President Ronald Reagan”. This is one of those places too far away to randomly visit, but close enough that I am… Continue Reading “Dixon, Illinois”

Practicing Photo Stuff

You can’t possibly be interested in this, but I am practicing messing around with online photo album stuff. Because I can do that while I am watching TV. I can’t read books. Can’t even watch DVDs because there is Always. Something. On Cable. I… Continue Reading “Practicing Photo Stuff”

Indianapolis II

I am terrible at taking pictures. Mostly because I am lazy, but also because my eyes are obnoxiuously sensitive to light (no joke, that is a clinical diagnosis from the rock-star neurologist at ENH) so that I am either wearing sunglasses and unable to… Continue Reading “Indianapolis II”