About Exercise

While I have been eating better in the last year, my exercise has crashed and burned.  Turns out that having two high energy dogs doesn’t help the program if you can’t keep up with them.  So I needed a jump start and I started to do some research.  I spent my day off last Monday touring some options.

My friend Kris swears by Jazzercise.  So much so that she teaches.  Too bad she lives in the city.  There are were two studios in my town.   The one closest to my house closed down.   I visited the next closest, and it was fine, but the cost didn’t impress me.  The best deal is $48 a month – if you commit to 12 months.  Kinda pricey for so little variety.

Then I went to Dahn Yoga.  The studio also offer Taiji classes, which my friend Stefan loves so much that he teaches.  Too bad he lives in Roselle.  I talked with a great guy at my local studio who asked about my goals and experience and stuff and said they would do a private lesson/assessment before I committed to join.  I was all ready to sign up, then I went online and saw the fees.  The best deal was $1,350 for a full year.

My town has a great park center with fitness facilities – pool, gym, indoor track and fitness classes.  $42 a month seemed much more reasonable, except than no fitness classes are included.  The package would be an extra $30 per month.

My local YMCA is newly renovated – Grand Re-Opening is today, in fact.  Pool, gym and classes available so I took a quick tour on Monday.  The indoor track is lame compared to the park center, but secret is that you don’t need to be a member to use the one at the park center.  The cost was higher – $55 per month – but the only thing that will cost extra is yoga classes.  A bit disappointing, since that is something I really want to do.  But I wanted to try it out so I went to a yoga class this morning.

Good sign – a teacher from a different class was attending the class this morning.  She was very nice and gave me the rundown on the different teachers that work on other days.  And apparently, the 10:15 class is easier than the 8:45, so I will remember that next weekend.  The class was 75 minutes and it felt that long.  I confirmed what I already knew – my flexibility is good, my balance is decent and I have zero muscle strength.

I tried to enroll this morning, but found the membership specials advertised for the Grand Re-Opening were not available until the party actually started at 2pm.  So I had to go back.  I think we can tag that an administrative fail.   I bought a series of passes to yoga classes that I expect will give me a jump start.  And if I decide to commit to an 8-week series of a specific class, the cost goes down a bunch.  I am satisfied that when the novelty of yoga wears off, the variety of other options will keep me going for awhile.

And then we will know the truth – am I easily bored or easily lazy?

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