I Can’t Make this Stuff Up, Folks

Kiwi was perched on the refrigerator. It is her favorite lookout point. I went in to the next room, the bird room to see Billy. I had left the door to his cage open, but he hadn’t come out.

Me: (reaching out a hand) Billy. Step up.

Billy: (takes a swipe at me with his beak)

Me: Ugh. Fine.

Kiwi: Are you gonna step up? You’re ok!

Me: Thank you, Kiwi.

I managed to get Billy to come out onto his door. He wouldn’t step up, but he climbed to the top of the cage. I gave him a piece of carrot. He dropped it. I left the room to check on dinner, leaving Shadow to get the carrot. When I came back, I gave Billy another carrot. As I walked away, I heard him drop that, too.

Me: Well, it seems Billy has learned Kiwi’s favorite game.

Kay: (from the family room) What’s that?

Me: Feed the Dog!

Kiwi: Ohhhhhhhhhh! (laughs) Good dog!

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