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Getting Doored

A week or so ago, my friend John* sent me a text from the Emergency Room.  He was “doored”.  Riding his bicycle home from work like a good eco-commuter-getting-some-exercise, a parked car quickly and unexpectedly opened its door right into his path.  He went… Continue Reading “Getting Doored”

Slouch, Gorilla Tango Theatre

Monday night, I went to see Slouch, at Gorilla Tango Theatre. Its posting on the League of Chicago Theatres says this: “Three unlikely friends on the lookout for their friend Larry. Is he a friend? A lover? Something in between? Join us for this… Continue Reading “Slouch, Gorilla Tango Theatre”

The Paczki

In my office, there is a monthly calorie-fest in celebration of the birthdays.  As today is also Mardi Gras, someone went to the bakery for King Cakes and Paczkis. Do you know how popular Paczkis are in Chicago?  Made the Huffington Post.  And no… Continue Reading “The Paczki”

Recording the Event

I did not take pictures of the Blizzard of 2011.  OK, fine.  (walks to the window with a phone.)  Here is one.  Just to prove I was here.  From my bedroom window, you can see the snow drift going almost to the top of… Continue Reading “Recording the Event”

Influence with a Capital O

Weekend Assignment # 348: Trendsetters Musicians, writers and other artists frequently have an impact on their fans that goes beyond simple enjoyment of their work. Many rock stars have had an influence on fashion or politics or both, and fictional characters sometimes inspire real… Continue Reading “Influence with a Capital O”

This Story Made my Heart Grow Three Sizes Today

Jon Hilkevitch at the Chicago Tribune wrote a great article about a CTA bus driver that makes people’s days.  Her name is Darlene Coleman and she drives one of those routes that shuttles people from the train station to their offices in the city. … Continue Reading “This Story Made my Heart Grow Three Sizes Today”

Bookshelf of Shame columnist Mary Schmich was inspired by Oprah (don’t roll your eyes) to talk about a concept she called the “bookshelf of shame”: “All of us, at least all of us who like to read, have a bookshelf of shame: that psychic space, or… Continue Reading “Bookshelf of Shame”

Regarding the First Snowfall of the Season

Dear Cook County: Thank you for making this first “storm” of the season a non-event. I was out the door at 8:30 Saturday morning.  The streets were passable, the drivers reasonable and even the shoppers made an effort to not double park all day… Continue Reading “Regarding the First Snowfall of the Season”

Mid Season Report

You know, when the talking heads get their hands on a sports statistic, they do not shut up about it.  This week’s, during the Bears game, we learned that the Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, is the most blitzed in the NFL.  The other teams… Continue Reading “Mid Season Report”

Legoland Adventure

I arrived at about 10am to pick up my nephew, Alex, for an Adventure Day.  He was in the family room, eating cereal from the box, and watching T.V.  He didn’t want to go anywhere.  I promised him lunch at “the macaroni place”.  No… Continue Reading “Legoland Adventure”