Legoland Adventure

I arrived at about 10am to pick up my nephew, Alex, for an Adventure Day. 

He was in the family room, eating cereal from the box, and watching T.V.  He didn’t want to go anywhere.  I promised him lunch at “the macaroni place”.  No dice.  Finally, his mother ordered him up and into the car.

I didn’t feel like fighting to park right in front of the building, so when we got out of the car, he couldn’t see where we were going.  “I’m hungry,” he whined.

I gave him the options:  there was a place around the corner where we could get a decent grilled cheese before we went on our adventure.  Or we could have macaroni and cheese afterward.  He wanted macaroni.

“OK,” I said.  “See that giraffe?  That’s where we are going.”

Legoland Chicago (which is actually in Schaumburg) has a giant Lego giraffe built out from the main entrance.  Alex stopped dead in his tracks.

“How.  Did they do that?”

Score.  The child charged right into the building.  Every room.  Even where it was dark.  And when he had to wait in line.  And when he had to talk to a guy in a costume.  I took his picture with Lego R2D2,  Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Santa Claus and Lego Spongebob.  I don’t feel good about publishing the child’s photograph on a public blog, but just picture a little boy right in the middle of this:

There was a ride with a Lego dragon and a Lego 3-D movie.  When we reached the end of the exhibits, he played for a few minutes.  Then he was ready to go for lunch.  I asked if he wanted to eat there in the cafe and then play some more. 

No, he was done.  Wanted macaroni.

I love this kid.

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