The Paczki

In my office, there is a monthly calorie-fest in celebration of the birthdays.  As today is also Mardi Gras, someone went to the bakery for King Cakes and Paczkis.

Do you know how popular Paczkis are in Chicago?  Made the Huffington Post.  And no kidding, I saw them at Target last weekend.

My friend, Jodi, is a Chicagoan living in Milwaukee. She posted on Facebook this morning:

“Dude… it’s Paczki Day and I haz no Paczki. Second year in a row : /”

She now has a flood of comments, commiserating or taunting her.

My friend Karen asked if anyone knows where to get a low sodium Paczki. No kidding. One of her commenters noted that the line outside Deerfield’s Bakery was around the block this morning. I would say Deerfield’s is about the best bakery in my area. And check out this Paczki Day Menu.

They don’t appear to ship to Milwaukee.

So tomorrow begins Lent, which my brother would like to remind the world is not meant to be our own personal diet plans. He said that the fifth year that I gave up French fries.

Fine, then. I am giving up nothing.

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