Christmas Reading Challenge 2013

I just returned from a week from the road and found two surprising things:

  1. The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge had already started.
  2. I did not read a single book that was on my list from last year’s Challenge.

Seriously, I read seven books during last year’s Christmas Reading Challenge, and not one was on the original list.  So I will start there:

  1. Christmas in Plains, by Jimmy Carter
  2. Star Bright!, by Andrew M. Greeley
  3. The Queen’s Christmas, by Karen Harper
  4. Silent Night, by Mary Higgins Clark

I have several others in my pile, and I know the library will have plenty and I haven’t even looked at audiobooks yet.  But what I really need to do right this second is catch up on logging all of the other books I have read over the last few months.



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