After a Long Travel Day

I am awake at 4am.  Because that’s how it works.

I don’t talk much on airplanes anymore, because I really want to use the time to sleep.  I think I disappointed the lady sitting next to me yesterday.  She was sitting three rows behind her husband, who spent the entire nine hours talking to the retired couple sitting next to him.

Speaking of retired couples..they are just as entitled and nasty as anyone else.  I have come to the conclusion that all Americans are like this and it has little to do with age.  I once thought that little old ladies (particularly in the South) kill you with kindness to get what they want.  But no.  They can be downright mean, too.  But the true gem of the day came from a tattooed guy around my own age as we checked into the hotel at the same time:

Him:  I’m with the band.

Me:     (Rolling eyes)

Her:   We’re glad to have you.

Him:  Can you get me a room with a view?

Her:   I’m sorry, we’re completely booked tonight.

Him:  Well..just switch me with someone that hasn’t checked in yet.

Her:   …  You know, those people paid extra for their rooms.

Him:  Oh.

That was when I headed to the elevator.  Clueless about the economics of travel and the line between “it doesn’t hurt to ask” and being a total ass?  But speaking of that..I may have reached the point where I would be willing to pay something extra for a view.  Because my balcony looks out directly over the front entrance.  Where people are coming and going and making noise.  I am clearly not going to spend any time sitting out there with a book.  So my first assignment this morning – when the sun comes up – will be to find a good place on property to read a book.

So.  Back in Kona.  (As always, don’t bother to try to rob my house.  There are people, dogs and ADT there.)  This time, I elected to stay in town and save on the rental car.  The old King Kamehameha Hotel is now a Marriott Courtyard.  Apparently, it was redone after a storm in 2011.  The cab driver said it is a fine location and there is a little shuttle that will take you from one end of town to the other for $2.00.  Also, this time I plan to head to the volcano on one of the twilight tours.  And I will eat papaya every day.

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